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Hydrogel Sheets For 6H UV Cut.

Hydrogel® protectors are a highly resistant, flexible, durable material, and guarantee high protection against scratches, bumps and impacts.

Not a trace on your mobile thanks to these sheets that do not accumulate dirt from your fingers due to their matte effect.

– Anti-shock, anti-fall and anti-scratch.

– Our sheets are only compatible with our Devia Cutting Plotter.

Material: TPU

Size: 12cm x 18cm

Transparent color

20 units / box

Create a unique and unmistakable design for more than 4,000 smartphone models that we have available.

➡️ What does the Hydrogel protector provide us?

High hardness: Hardness greater than 6H.

Excellent resistance to abrasion: The film resists scratches.

Perfect fit: Allows a perfect protective coating for the selected mobile device model.

High flexibility: Perfect for application on screens with curved edges.

Self-repair: The Hydrogel film has the function of self-repairing scratches.

Bubble Free: Automatic removal of small bubbles.

➡️ Smartwatch / Smartband: Keep in mind.

For smaller sizes, the plotter takes advantage of the cutting of the sheet, removing it for several units.