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The new Libercar Dolce Vita electric mobility scooter model comes even better equipped than its successful predecessor.

This scooter model is undoubtedly one of the most complete among the mid-range electric mobility scooters. The Libercar Dolce Vita is equipped with a powerful 400W motor, which allows you to drive up to a maximum speed of 10 km/h. Its two 35Ah GEL batteries allow a range of up to 38 km. This scooter stands out for its high level of comfort and safety equipment (deluxe seat, ergonomic handlebars, solid wheels, LED lights and indicators, bumpers, mirrors as standard, 2 USB ports and standard holders, integral suspension, etc.).

You will enjoy your favorite activities with complete independence both indoors and outdoors. It can be disassembled into 5 pieces to facilitate its transfer in the car and thus provide you with even greater autonomy.

Features of Dolce Vita

+ High-performance motor: 400W.

+ Maximum speed: 10 km/h

+ Batteries 2x12Vx35Ah (Gel)

+ Max range: 38km

+ 4-wheel independent integral suspension.

+ Deluxe Seat

+ LED lights and flashing lights

+ Ergonomic handlebar

+ Dual USB port

+ Compact dimensions: standard length 120 cm - customizable on request (100-119 cm)

+ Detachable and transportable: "Carry me" system of individual batteries.

+Solid anti-puncture wheels

4-wheel independent integral suspension

Dual rear and front and adjustable cushioning for comfort and ability to overcome obstacles.

Easy to disassemble into 5 pieces

Detachable and individually transportable batteries. Ergonomic battery covers with two grip zones for easy handling. Two sockets and three charging options Individual socket on the batteries (independent charging or on scooter) Socket on the steering column so you don't have to bend over.

Ergonomic handlebar

The ergonomic handlebar makes it easy to turn and relaxes the riding position. It is especially useful for people with mobility problems in their arms and shoulders.

Luxury Seat

High backrest and adjustable headrest. Adjustable in height, width and depth. Rotates 360° for easy occupant access. Folding and angle-adjustable armrests.

Solid wheels

Puncture-free, they absorb impacts better and adhere more to the ground, making driving more pleasant and safe on any type of terrain.

Rear mirrors

They make it easier to manoeuvre and locate obstacles, especially for people who have difficulty turning.


They prevent chafing of the body and protect the scooter and the occupant from possible impacts.


Protects the driver's neck and spine (height-adjustable)

The scooter also incorporates anti-roll wheels.