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The Libercar Cruiser is the highest-performing scooter in the mid-size scooter category. Deluxe seat with high backrest and headrest, large 26cm pneumatic wheels, alloy wheels, adjustable double rear shock absorbing and 130cm ground clearance. Enjoy maximum comfort and quality without sacrificing the manoeuvrability of a compact scooter.

This 118 cm scooter is between the Libercar Urban model and the Libercar Grand Classe. This is a high-performance scooter but with a compact size that helps with easy storage and transport. The scooter has a 350W motor - 2x32Ah batteries, a top speed of 10 km/h and a range of 33 km.

The Libercar Cruiser has large 26 cm pneumatic wheels with alloy wheels. Adjustable dual rear shock and 130mm ground clearance so no obstacle gets in your way.

This new scooter has the best of a modern design in a mid-sized scooter. The Libercar Cruiser is very compact and comes with a series of details that together make this scooter a fantastic model with excellent value for money.

High Performance

+ Energy-efficient LED lights and turn signals:

They make it easy to drive at night and access garages or dark areas. They help to be seen.

Great comfort

+ Large 26cm wheels.

+ Pneumatic tyres as standard: larger (comfort and higher profits)

+ Alloy wheels

+ 130mm height clearance

+ Motor de 350W

+ Height-adjustable rear suspension

Compact and easy to drive

+ Rigid and robust chassis.

+ Serial length: 118cm

+ Length on request: 92cm to 117cm

+ Scooter width: 53cm

+ Intelligent Braking System (Regenerative Electromagnetic): the scooter brakes only when the throttle lever is released. Very safe for seniors or people with mobility issues.

Safety & Comfort

+ USB port: allows you to recharge your mobile phone or other devices via USB

+ Rear-view mirrors: Makes it easier for people with difficulty turning around

+ Ergonomic handlebar: for easy handling and relaxed carrying of both arms and shoulders

+ Front and rear bumpers: prevent body rubbing and protect the scooter and user from possible impacts

+ Hydraulically adjustable steering column

Design & Comfort

+ Deluxe seat: high backrest and headrest. It is adjustable in height and width and adjustable in depth. rotates in 360º.

+ Folding armrests. Adjustable armrest angle

+ Folding backrest

+ Pocket on the backrest

+ Removable basket with handle