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The best LIBERCAR BRAVO scooter

We present the best Bravo scooter, a folding model from Libercar that stands out among the others for its lightness and reliability. The lightweight aluminum chassis makes this scooter the lightest on the market. Its weight without battery is 21.5 kg (with battery 22.8 kg). Its powerful motor runs at 150W and its 10Ah lithium battery gives a user up to 110 kg about 18 km of range.


Automatic folding of the BRAVO scooter

The Libercar Bravo scooter presents a novelty that will not leave you indifferent. With a simple remote control you can activate the automatic folding of the scooter without having to make any effort. This will save you precious time that you can spend on other matters. The measurements of the folded scooter are 86 cm long, 46 cm wide and a height of 40 cm resting on the ground.

Safety and comfort on the BRAVO scooter

The manufacturer's extensive experience means that not a single detail is missed in terms of safety. The Libercar Bravo scooter includes discreet anti-roll wheels that ensure maximum safety when climbing a curb. In addition, its 20 cm anti-puncture wheels make it very comfortable and suitable for indoor and outdoor use without major complications. As if that were not enough, the Libercar Bravo scooter includes the unlocking of the motor to be able to push it if necessary.


Two types of accessories available

To meet the particular needs of the user, 2 accessories can be incorporated, such as a crutch carrier or a carrier for a little more price than the Libercar Bravo scooter. To complete the enormous performance of this lightweight Bravo scooter, both the height and angle of the handlebars can be adjusted, it has a digital battery charge indicator, a speed regulator on the handlebars and a safety system to prevent unintentional folding. Finally, it should be noted that the ground clearance is 100 mm to ensure greater ability to overcome