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Introducing the premium Hello Kitty case - the perfect combination of style, protection and comfort for your phone!
This original Hello Kitty head logo cover is made of soft plastic that is strong and flexible at the same time. This means that it gives the phone the best protection against adverse effects such as scratches, shocks, dust and even drops.
Its flexible and soft material adapts to the shape of your phone, while the texture of the cover ensures that it holds well in your hand and does not slip.
With this cover, you don't have to worry about your phone slipping out of your hand at an inopportune moment.
You don't have to limit the comfortable use of your phone, because the cover is designed to provide easy access to all functions without restrictions.
This cover is not only great protection for your phone, but also a great addition to your outfit.
The original Hello Kitty design will give your phone a stylish look that will attract attention and leave an impression.
Stop worrying about dust and scratches! With this premium Hello Kitty case, you can rest assured that your phone will be reliably protected.
Enjoy style, protection and practicality - all in one package!


- Original from Hello Kitty
- Made of soft but strong plastic that conforms to the shape of the phone.
- Great grip and non-slip
- All buttons and connectors remain freely accessible.
- Protection against scratches and dust