Gigaset GIGASET A170 TRIO Analog/DECT telephone

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From the manufacturer


The phone that meets all your communication needs - simple and affordable.

Discover the Gigaset A170. This is a simple and reliable cordless phone in "Made in Germany" quality. Features easy-to-use keys with pressure sensitive points for effortless marking. Large illuminated dot matrix graphic display makes it easy to read And thanks to the pre-configured registration on the base station, installation requires no more than a quick plug & play.


High clarity: illuminated graphic display in amber.

Much more than at first glance: the large dot matrix display of the new A170 shines for optimal readability. This makes it easy to check the phone book or call list. The A170's display is illuminated for ease of use day and night.


Easy, and not just with the naked eye: usability that makes everything easier.

The reliable Gigaset A170 cordless phone features pressure-sensitive buttons for easy dialing and a plug & play installation that allows you to use it as you remove from the box. And to make sure the good thing lasts too: the Gigaset A170 landline phone allows conversations of up to 18 hours or stay stand-by up to 200 hours without the need for recharging.


No missing calls: good data storage.

Daily calls are now even easier as the Gigaset A170 saves the last 25 missed or received calls on your call list. And an added call list stores the last 10 numbers dialed - for quick redialing. You will also have all the important numbers as your diary holds up to 50 contacts. This means that friends and family are always within easy reach.


Always at your service: all necessary information.

Enjoy immediate access to all information during the day and while receiving calls: Gigaset A170 displays the date, duration of the call and caller ID on its screen. So you always know who is calling when the phone rings. Did you know you can also use the A170 for more functions than calling? If you need a reliable reminder, you can use its alarm function.