4GB DDR4 2400 MHz UDIMM Crucial Memory

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Crucial - DDR4 - 4 GB - DIMM de 288 PIN

In the ever-changing world of technology, any component that is more than five years old often needs an update. At more than seven years old, that's exactly the state DDR3 memory is in - computers can't do much with it. Since the introduction of DDR3 memory technology in 2007, processor capacities have doubled, SSDs have revolutionized performance, and graphics cards have dramatically increased frame rates, ditching memory as a limiting factor. With foundational DDR4 desktop memory, forget the DDR3 memory bottleneck and unlock a new standard of performance.

Speeds start at 2133 MT / s, and faster data speeds are expected with improved DDR4 technology
Increased bandwidth by up to 32%
Reduced power consumption by more than 40%
Access speeds more High for better sequential data transfer
Optimized for next-generation processors and platforms
Available in 4-channel kits up to 64GB
Limited lifetime warranty


Attribute Value
Desktop / Laptop Desktop
Capacity 4GB
Set point 2400MHZ
Memory class Ddr4
Memory slot UDIMM
Module Type PC4-19200
Pins 288
Tension 1.2V
CAS latency 17