October 10, 2019

Does your Business need IT Support in Gibraltar?

Managed I.T. Services

PROBLEM: You need I.T. support in Gibraltar...

SOLUTION: We fully manage your I.T. systems on your behalf!


You don't understand our business, how can you help?

The first thing we will do is an assessment of your IT infrastructure. We'll talk to you about your weak points, your strong points and we'll give you our professional opinion of how we can make  technology work efficiently for you. We believe in a strong, healthy, long term partnership with our customers and an assessment is the first thing we do.


Outsourcing I.T. is going to be too costly?

Internal IT costs are typically high and often unpredictable. Managed services help you stay on top of your IT costs. Your business pays a simple, manageable monthly fee. This makes IT operating expenses easier to budget.

Why should I sign up with Netgear to manage my I.T.?

You want the Peace of Mind that you are going to have a proactive IT partner that is going to help your business through the most efficient and optimum use of technology.

The first thing we will do is a full IT Assessment. From there we'll develop a  tailored plan that is right for your business. We will undertake any IT projects to improve your technology infrastructure. Then we'll maintain this for you on an ongoing basis.

We will provide you with monthly reports. This will highlight progress over the past month as well as information about the latest trends in IT.

Business reviews... no business can stay still and succeed in today's business environment. We'll sit down with you on a regular basis and undertake a Strategic Business Review to ensure your systems and business are all moving together. 


What does your service include, Top 5...

  1. A full IT Assessment
  2. A plan for the future
  3. Proactive Maintenance - monitor check the health of your systems, and manage the fix when something goes wrong. Typical Proactive maintenance is Microsoft Patches, you don't want a hacker entering your system because you haven’t done your updates!
  4. Anti-Virus - we install and anti-virus on all your PCs & Servers and we'll keep them up to date for you.
  5. SLA - a Service Level Agreement with a commitment to respond to you in 1h for critical matters and 2h for non-critical matters. Those are our maximum response SLA's we will always aim to get your response even faster.


Want to find out more ?

Email: solutions@netgear.gi and we will get you started on your journey to a business with high performing systems that will run better and allow you to improve your customer's experince.