V7 Ergonomic Leaning Chair - Black

With the ECHAIR from V7 you can sit, stand, and lean to help improve posture and increase physical activity throughout the day. Featuring a height-adjustable integrated gas-spring, the ECHAIR allows you to seamlessly transition from sitting to standing and back again. There is a grip handle on the seat and sturdy wheels making it easy to position into your work environment. It also comes with a thick, foam "anti-fatigue" mat for added comfort. Additionally - the curved edge of the seat allows you to lean against it comfortably, taking the weight off your spine and allowing you to improve your posture.


  • Height adjustable with Integrated Gas Spring, for a smooth transition from sitting to standing
  • Easy grip handle on seat and wheels allow for easy movement
  • Includes foam Anti-Fatigue mat for added comfort
  • Curved edge seat design for back support
  • Leaning takes weight off spine, allowing you to burn more calories and improve your posture