Universal Power Charger I 90W I 12 Connectors

90W automatic universal charger adapter. Includes 12 connectors for laptops / netbooks and cable with USB port 2.1A.

- High efficiency automatic product.
- Cable with USB port compatible with any USB-capable device (no includes USB cable
- Protection system with self-healing at minimum voltage (15V) after an interruption of current to protect your notebook.
- Reduced size and lightweight design that saves space and transport easily.
- Includes 12 different interchangeable connectors to work with the most laptops / notebooks on the market, Sony, Acer, Asus, Hp, Compaq, Toshiba, Dell, Nec, Fujitsu, Liteon. Available for sale extra connectors (see below references) of article)
- Voltage self-identification to adapt to most laptops in the market depending on the connector that is being used.
Output power: 90W.
Type: Self-identification.
Input voltage: AC 100-240V (50-60Hz).
DC output: 15-16-18,5-19-19,5-20V.
Cable with USB 2.1A to charge any mobile device.
Quality certifications: CE, FCC, RoHS.
12 Different interchangeable connectors to work with most notebooks on the market: ASUS, HP, LENOVO, FUJISTSU, ETC.
Color: Black.
Dimensions: 126 x 50 x 30mm.
Includes 12 interchangeable connectors to choose the one that fits your Laptop model. Also for sale in single units.
M2- 16V IBM, Lenovo Reference PHM2DC90.
M4-18.5V Compaq, HP Reference PHM4DC90.
M5-19V Acer, Compaq, Delta, HP, Fujitsu, Gateway, Toshiba, Liteon, Asus Reference PHM5DC90.
M6-19V Samsung Reference PHM6DC90.
M7-19V Acer, Compaq, Delta, HP, Fujitsu, Gateway, Toshiba, Liteon Reference PHM7DC90.
M8-19.5V Sony Reference PHM8DC90.
M9-19.5V Dell Reference PHM9DC90.
M12-18.5V HP, Compaq Reference PHM12DC90.
M15-19V Acer, Reference PHM15DC90.
M16- 20V Liteon Reference PHM16DC90.
M26- 19V ASUS PHM26DC90.
Optional connectors available (not included in the article):
M10-20V Dell Reference PHM10DC90.
M11- 20V IBM, Lenovo Reference PHM11DC90.
M18- 19V ASUS Reference PHM18DC90.
M19- 19V Samsung Reference PHM19DC90.
M22- 19V ASUS Reference PHM22DC90.
M23- 19.5V / 2.31A DELL (IC) Reference PHM23DC90.
M26- 19V ASUS Reference PHM26DC90.
M28- 20V Lenovo Reference PHM28DC90.
M29-19.5V HP TIP Reference PHM29DC90.
M30- 19.5V HP ENVY Reference PHM30DC90.
- Keep your charger away from high temperatures, as well as humidity.
- Do not leave it within the reach of children.