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A QLED TV is displaying blue graphic on its screen.
  • 4K QLED Processor

    Intelligence behind the picture and sound

    Optimize the picture and sound of your favorite content with the QLED 4K processor*.

    A QLED TV processor chip is adjusted on the circuit. The Samsung logo as well as the AI Quantum Processor 4K logo can be seen on top.

    *The viewing experience may vary depending on content types, processing unit graphics, network connection speed, and ping levels when playing in the cloud.

    Motion Xcelerator Turbo+

    Exceptional motion enhancement in 4K 120hz

    Take down all your enemies in smooth gameplay, with no lag or blurry scenes thanks to HDMI 4 x 2.1. At 120Hz.The blue car on the TV screen looks clearer and more visible on the QLED TV than on conventional TV due to motion xcelerator turbo+ technology. 120Hz is on display.The blue car on the TV screen looks clearer and more visible on the QLED TV than on conventional TV due to motion xcelerator turbo+ technology. 120Hz is on display.

    Quantum HDR

    Experience a new level of contrast

    Enjoy every image in crisp detail. HDR10+'s dynamic tone mapping delivers deeper blacks and vibrant images that transport you*.

    Smart TV powered by Tizen

    Your favorite content in one place

    Suggested and undiscovered content will be optimized so you spend less time searching and more time enjoying the movies, games, and shows you love.

    The new Smart Hub UI powered by Tizen is displayed to show a wide variety of OTT services and content being serviced.
    * Services and content recommendations may vary by region.
    * Acceptance of Smart Hub's Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy is required prior to use.
    * Some services are available for viewing after registration and subscription.
    * Samsung account required.
    * User interface is subject to change without notice.

    Image QualityA dog is wrapped in a colorful blanket. Pantone validated and Pantone SkinTone validated colors are emphasized.

    Validated by PANTONE

    PANTONE Validated True Colors

    It is the first TV in the world to receive validation from PANTONE, a trusted symbol of color fidelity. Now you can enjoy a more accurate and comfortable viewing experience.


    A person on a motorcycle is zipping past from one side to another. Built-in speakers follow the sound of the motorcycle as it moves.

    Object Tracking Sound Lite (OTS Lite)

    Feel like you're in the middle of the action

    A 3D surround sound will allow you to be completely immersed in the action.

    DesignProfile view of QLED TV is on display to shows its ultra slim design.


    Sleeker and leaner than ever

    The mind-blowing, thin and slim design blends seamlessly into the wall like you've never seen it before.


    The Gaming Hub UI is on display.

    Samsung Gaming Hub

    The place for all your games

    Play without downloads. Turn on your TV, grab your controller, and play without a console. All from the cloud*.

    * Supported features and games may vary by country and model. * Depending on the game you're playing on the Gaming Hub, you may need a controller. * You may need to download apps depending on the game or service. * An internet connection or an additional subscription to a gaming service may be required. * Content services are subject to change without notice. * Requires a Samsung account. * Only available in US/CA/UK/FR/DE/ES/IT/BR/KR* User interface is subject to change without notice.

    Smart TV

    The SmartThings UI is on display on the TV. Wi-Fi icons are floating on top of the TV, vacuum robot, air purifie and lights


    All control at your fingertips

    Control all your connected devices from your TV. Easily detects and pairs*

    * Available technology, functions and features may vary by country, service provider, network features or product and are subject to change without notice. * Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or other wireless network connection and Samsung account sign-in required. * Connected devices sold separately. * Use of "calm" technology requires acceptance of the SmartThings Privacy Notice and Self-Registered Device.* User interface is subject to change without notice.

    Why Samsung TV?Power Saving with AI On

    Power Saving with AI On

    Save energy with AI Energy Mode

    The Artificial Intelligence of our TVs optimizes energy consumption. The TV analyzes the ambient light and adjusts the brightness automatically to reduce power consumption.