SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wired Gaming Mouse

Select color: SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wired Gaming Mouse Ultra-light 57g
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Lightning Fast

Aerox 3 is optimized to get the fastest swipes, so you beat the competition to the trigger. When milliseconds count, speed matters.

Aerox 3 2022 mouse is floating in a shipyard full of containers that are labeled "SteelSeries". Lars the troll and a bunch of robotic figures with guns are admiring the levitating mouse.

59g Ultra Lightweight

When quick movements and large swipes matter, Aerox 3’s ultra-lightweight design allows for faster and more accurate reaction times in game.

Aerox 3 2022 mouse, with all the parts shown vertically. Text behind image reads "59 g".

AquaBarrier™ Protection

Rated IP54 to provided water resistance and protection from dust, dirt, oil, fur, and more. The mouse is engineered to safeguard the interior circuitry from virtually all types of environmental damage, so you never have to worry about accidents.

An Aerox 3 mouse with an invisible shield protecting it from incoming water splashing, to convey the waterproofing features.

Next-gen Golden Micro IP54 Switches

Rated for 80M clicks (3X the durability found in other gaming mice), upgraded dust and water-resistant switches provide flawless clicks even under the most demanding conditions, prevent double clicks, and allow to you make rock solid next-level shots.

An Aerox 3 mouse interior circuit board showing the new left and right click switches. TrueMove Core Sensor

Introducing the TrueMove Core, a custom true 1-to-1 tracking sensor co-developed with PixArt specially for performance. This 8,500 CPI, 300 IPS, 35G optical sensor delivers the speed and accuracy needed to improve your gameplay.

An Aerox 3 mouse shown from beneath with a great view into the sensor and bottom glide skates of the mouse. Text reads "True Move Air" near the sensor.

100% Virgin Grade PTFE Glide Skates

Designed with 100% pure PTFE to provide the smoothest swipes and enhanced control for super light mouse movements. Optimized for speed on our best selling QcK mousepads.

Bottom view of the Aerox 3 Mouse, showing up the new and improved PTFE mouse feet.

USB Type-C Connectivity

In addition to fast charging speeds, the standard USB-C connection is easy to plug in, and enables you to customize the mouse with aftermarket cable options.

Battle-tested Shape

Every component from the external and internal build was carefully crafted to maximize durability and comfort.

Lineup of all the Aerox 3 mice, with RGB illuminating through the holes of the mice. Text behind the mice reads, "Aerox 3".