More than a smartphone.  Galaxy Note represents the product range of Samsung fans, the most demanding group and loyal to the brand.

With Galaxy Note 10+ and Galaxy Note 10 we expand the Galaxy Note experience, to reach those users who are looking for a more compact format without sacrificing the full power of a Note.

Productivity, creativity and power are the pillars on which the range is based. Being a perfect device for professionals, gamers, or anyone who values ​​being able to take notes with their multifunctional S Pen.

The power of design

Who said that Galaxy Note is a big smartphone? Or that Galaxy Note is only for professionals? The Galaxy Note family reinvents itself, offering 2 models in different sizes so that any user can enjoy the experience of using a Galaxy Note.

The power of productivity

Galaxy Note is more than a smartphone thanks to its S Pen, which is renewed so that you can not only take notes, edit them and convert them to text, but also allows you to use it as a remote control of your smartphone.

The power to create

Galaxy Note10 includes all the tools you need to create your own content. Capture, edit and share like a professional.

The power of performance

Performance is one of the hallmarks of the Note range. Galaxy Note10 is not only the most powerful Note to date but also incorporates innovations never seen in the Galaxy family.