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The Frame is hanging on a wall in a living room displaying a sunset over a city.

Enjoy content without reflections

Matte Display

Forget about reflections, light will no longer be an impediment to enjoy every detail clearly. You will be able to appreciate the details of each painting. It's time to enjoy art and your TV as it should be*.

*Conventional refers to The Frame's previous model
 The left side of the screen with the word †Conventional' shows The Frame displaying an artwork full of reflections. The right side of the screen with the words †Matte Display' shows The Frame with the same painting that has no glare. A glare-free certified logo is on the lower left side.

Designed to look like an authentic work of art

The minimalist design of The Frame merges with your décor. Its thinner profile, different frame options and single, nearly invisible cable offers a sophisticated look from any angle.

 The Frame is hanging on the wall along with other picture frames, which makes The Frame look like a photo on the wall.

Your frame, your style

Customizable Frame

With The Frame TV you have the power to decide. Choose the frame color that best suits your space and your tastes. Thanks to its magnetic mount you can customize your TV in the blink of an eye. Colours available in white, brown and teak*.

*Customizable frames sold separately. Available colors and styles may vary depending on the region or size of the TV.
 A variety of The Frame's customizable bezels are displayed.

Enjoy more than one billion colors

100% Color Volume with Quantum Dot

Convert light into more than 1 billion colors, at any brightness level, with Quantum dot* inorganic technology.

*QLED TVs have been verified by one of the most important certification and homologation associations on the market, VDE (Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker), for their ability to reproduce 100% of the color volume.

The Frame is displaying many balloons  in a wide variety of colors.

Your living room, your art gallery

Art Mode

Enjoy your own art gallery, from great works to your favorite photos. On is a great TV. Off, it will look like a work of art*.

*Art Mode (Smart Service) and GUI/IGU (Graphical User Interface) may vary by model and region.
 The Frame's Art Store page is displayed on the center. Surrounding it are many artworks that can be found in the Art Store.

The most famous galleries in the world, in your living room

Art Shop

Choose from 1,600 works of art from world-renowned institutions in the Art Shop. By accessing it, you will have access to endless classic and modern works, as well as impressive photographs*.

*Subscription to the Art Store is required to access the entire selection. *Artwork in the Art Store is subject to change without notice. *The Art Store may not be available in some countries.

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