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Enter the world of 100% color volume

The Q67A displays complex mixed color graphics that demonstrate the long-lasting colors of Quantum Dot technology.

Billion color shades with Quantum Dot

100% color volume with Quantum Dot

Quantum Dot technology brings our best image of all time. With 100% color volume, Quantum Dot turns light into a breathtaking color that stays true to any level of brightness.

* 100% color volume measured in video mode and DCI-P3 color space, VDE certified.
QLED TV displays an intricately colored image of flamingos to demonstrate color shading brilliance of Quantum Dot technology.

Optimized backlight color tone for better contrast

Improved backlight - Dual LED

Innovative backlight technology delivers bolder and more realistic contrast by optimizing the backlight color tone to match the type of content being watched.

Greater contrast range on a film scale

Quantum HDR

Quantum HDR emphasizes detail and contrast to bring you a full experience in every scene. HDR10 + Dynamic Tone Mapping exceeds leading standards, creating deeper blacks, more vivid images and detail that always shines.

Compared to SDR technology, the sunset prairie image on the right which has HDR10 + logo shows a wider range of contrast created by Quantum HDR technology.

* Quantum HDR brightness range is based on internal testing standards and may vary depending on monitoring conditions or specifications.

Smarter and faster 4K processor

Quantum Processor Lite 4K

Samsung's powerful processor optimizes sound quality according to the content you are watching. In addition, modern 4K upscaling technology ensures that you get a resolution of up to 4K for the content you like best.

The QLED TV processor chip is shown.  The Samsung logo as well as the AI ​​Quantum Processor 4K logo can be seen on top.

Virtual sound that follows the action

Motion Tracking Sound (OTS Lite)

3D surround sound with our virtual top channel audio allows you to fully immerse yourself in the sound experience.

Simulated sound wave graphics demonstrate object tracking sound technology as it follows a surfer across the TV screen.

Television and soundbar arranged in perfect harmony


Surround yourself with sound from the TV and sound bar, which are harmoniously harmonized. Q-Symphony allows the TV speakers and soundbar to work simultaneously for even better surround effect without muting the TV speakers.

* Q-Symphony is only available with a compatible soundbar. Check Q-Symphony compatibility in the soundbar specifications.

The simulated graphics of the sound waves from the TV and soundbar demonstrate Q Symphony technology when playing sound together.

Sound tuned to your content

Adaptive sound

Adaptive Audio has audio stage intelligence that optimizes audio based on real-time scene analysis by content type.

Simulated sound wave graphics show audio scenic intelligence technology optimizing TV sound from music to cinema scene.

Slim and sleek, more than ever


Breathtaking slim design you've never seen in this category. With a thickness of only 27 mm, it adheres smoothly to your wall.

The QLED TV profile features the ultra-slim design of the QLED TV Air Slim.
Profile view of QLED TV shows ultra slim design of QLED TV AirSlim.

Perfect height for your interior

Adjustable stand

Adjust the height and width of the TV stand so that it fits exactly into your space.

A family is watching TV.


Smooth movement for a clear image

Motion Xcelerator

Experience clear images and performance by automatically estimating and compensating images for content sources.

A dirt bike racer looks clear and visible inside the QLED TV screen because of QLED TV motion xcelerator technology.

Scenes that change the game in its entirety

Super Ultrawide GameView and Game Bar

21: 9 and 32: 9 screen ratios give you the extra display you need to maximize your gaming experience - and win. Optimize your gaming with Game Bar, an on-screen menu that lets you adjust the screen aspect ratio in real time, check input delay, FPS, HDR, wireless headphone settings and more.

* Super ultrawide GameView is only available for supported ultra-widescreen and PC games. * Some gaming platforms may not support this feature or its use may be restricted. * Changing the screen resolution from an external device may be required. * Not available for Q60A 32 "

QLED TV options with a 32: 9 and 16: 9 aspect ratio super ultra-high view, which is accessed while playing a video game via the QLED TV game bar, which allows further control of various settings in the game.

It responds immediately to your orders

Automatic low latency mode

Get into the game faster with Auto Low Latency (ALLM) mode, which optimizes the screen so you have more controls with barely noticeable input delay. Experience smooth gaming in its most impressive way without blurring motion and vibration.


* Low entry delay is tested based on internal conditions and may vary depending on game settings or specific conditions.

Work and study from home

Wireless computer connection - PC on TV

Take advantage of all the possibilities and enjoy seamless access to a computer, laptop or mobile phone on your TV. Home office and distance learning will gain a new dimension of efficiency.


* Remote PC connection is only supported for Windows 10 Professional or later and Mac OS 10.5 or later. * Connecting a smartphone to Samsung Dex requires a compatible mobile device. * Service availability is subject to change without notice. * Internet connection required for TV and PC.
In a living room home office, QLED TV screen shows PC on TV feature which allows home TV to connect to office PC.

You will see everything on one screen

Multi View

Watch your TV and smartphone on one screen at the same time. Whether it's live sports scores or video game tutorials, simply plug in your phone and enjoy multi display like never before. 8K TV allows you to watch up to 2 different separate screens on one screen.

A group of people use QLED TV Multi view feature to enjoy a football match and view play-by-play information at the same time on the same screen.

* Supports Android and iOS smartphones. See the support page for details on compatible mobile devices.

Connect with just a touch

Simple mirroring of Tap View content

One click is all it takes to mirror movies or music from your mobile phone to your TV. When you tap the TV with your mobile phone, it immediately detects the tap and automatically switches to mirror mode. Switching to your TV will be quick and easy, so you can continue to enjoy your favorite content.

* Simple mirroring of Tap View content is available on Samsung Galaxy devices with Android OS 8.1 and later. * Not available in Q60A 32 ".

The user taps their smartphone against their QLED TV to mirror their ballerina content to a larger screen for added convenience.

Control both older and new devices

Smart Home - SmartThings

Let your TV automatically detect, instantly connect and intuitively present all your devices around your TV. SmartThings supports not only mobile / cam / IoT / Smart, but also older devices. Once connected, devices are as easy to use as One Remote.

* See the support page for details on compatible devices. * Wi-Fi device detection is not currently supported and will be available through a future software update. * Using SmartThings requires a valid Samsung account.

QLED TV shows SmartThings user interface.  SmartThings identifies all of the connected devices near the QLED TV.  Washer, Fan, Light, and Floor AC graphic icons are placed around the interface to illustrate popular devices for connecting.

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