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Samsun Galaxy Watch 6 40mm Gold

Samsun Galaxy Watch 6 40mm Gold

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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 40mm Gold is the perfect accessory for anyone looking to stay stylish and connected. This elegant timepiece features a beautiful 40mm gold-plated stainless steel case, a scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass DX display, and a sleek leather strap for a timeless look. The Galaxy Watch 6 is powered by Samsung's innovative Tizen OS, which offers a wide range of apps and features to help you stay productive and organized. It also has a built-in heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, and step counter to help you monitor your health and fitness goals. With its long-lasting battery life and sleek design, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 40mm Gold is the perfect way to stay connected and on-trend.

  1. Front side of Watch6 40mm Gold case with clock face
  2. Upper and bottom side of Sport band cream are shown
  3. Cable of fast wireless charger is rolled round in the middle and both ends are shown
  1. Galaxy Watch6 (Bluetooth, 40mm)
  2. Galaxy Watch6 Sport Band
  3. Fast Wireless Charger

One band included. Availability of models and colors may vary by country or carrier. Image simulated. Actual product may differ from the image. Galaxy Watch6 does not include a wall charger. Samsung is trying to eliminate unnecessary waste by prioritising compatibility between product components.

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