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Conga WinDroid 980 Connected window robot vacuum cleaner by Cecotec. Smart navigation that automatically detects window edges.  APP Control. Vibrating mop and 5-phase cleaning. Square design to reach corners and edges. 5 cleaning modes. Integral safety system.





  • Smart window vacuum cleaner with vibrating mop and App: reaches every corner.


  • APP Control: Full cleaning control at your fingertips


  • iTech WinSquare: Smart navigation, calculates the ideal cleaning route, detects window edges and completely cleans all the surface.


  • Square Design: Cleans edges and corners, perfect results and autonomy.


  • Advance Clean 5: Cleans in 5 steps, damps, scrubs, wrings, cleans and dries. This technology helps performing professional results effortlessly. 


  • Smart Mopping vibrator: The top mop carries out a constant swing movement in order to remove the most difficult dirt.


  • ExtraPower Suction: Powerful suction pump that keeps the robot adhered to the window or glass with maximum safety. 


  • 5 Cleaning Modes: Includes 5 automatic cleaning modes to clean from any point: N, Z, Loop, Area and Manual.


  • Loop Mode: The robot passes through the same spot 10 times for a thorough cleaning, removing 100 % of dirt.


  • Cleans all types of surfaces: Glass, tiles, smooth surfaces and indoor and outdoor windows. 


  • Integral safety system:
    • Un-Interrupted Power Supply, non-stop power system that prevents the robot from falling in case of power cut.
    • Anti-drip control algorithm: Detects obstacles and frames.
    • Vacuum control sensors.
    • Ultra-resistant safety rope with suction cup.


  • SaveTime: Cleans windows twice as fast. Reaches the most inaccessible corners.


  • AutoStop System: Automatically warns and stops after finishing cleaning.


  • Eco-friendly: Mop cloths made of high-quality micro-fibre, reusable.


  • Remote control, allows controlling the robot manually. 


  • Fast cleaning and powerful suction.


  • Silent cleaning.


  • Useful handle with easy hand grip and ergonomic power button.


  • Includes specialized cleaning product.

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