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 The Playseat® Evolution PRO builds upon the regular Playseat® Evolution and adds head stabilizers, improved build quality and a more immersive sim racing experience. 



Developed in cooperation with professional racing drivers.

Authentic racing simulator cockpit, with GTR sitting position.

Equipped with head stabilizers, just like in a real racing car.

Superior build quality,stability and comfort.

Fully adjustable to accommodate all sizes of drivers.

Adjustable steering plate and pedal plate.

Easy to store due to its patented foldable design. 

Very easy and quick assembly.

Compatible with all steering wheels and pedals on the market.

Compatible with all consoles.

Steering wheel and pedals not included 



Suitable for                                 Racing

Racing type                                Rally, GT, All

Suitable for direct drive              No

steering wheels

Foldable                                      Yes

Material                                      Alcantara

Edition                                        Black Alcantara

Color                                           Black

Dimensions                                 130x50x98cm

Weight                                         20.55 Kg

Recommended lenght                 min120 max 220

Recommended weight                min 20 max 122

Plug&Play                                   Yes

Includes steering wheel              No

and pedals