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Clubhouse Games™

51 Worldwide Classics


Discover and play 51 tabletop games from around the world


With board games, card games, sports games, solitaires, and even a piano keyboard, Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics is an eclectic collection of games of games to play and discover on your Nintendo Switch system.


Each game includes how-to-play instructions and trivia tidbits. Defeat all difficulty levels of CPU opponents to become a master of each game! Play on the go, on the TV, or with others locally or online.


Play familiar favorites and international hits


This game has gone by quite a few names—including The Captain’s Duel—but the basic rules remain the same: drop pieces into a grid and try to create a line of four pieces of the same color.



Playing mancala is exactly like sowing seeds, except you try to capture someone else’s seeds. In some traditions, the winner is allowed to mock and insult the loser. The loser isn't allowed to reply or even get upset.

Slot Cars

Did you know they’re called “slot cars” after the slot on the course that the cars are locked into? In real-life courses, you can adjust the speed of the cars by regulating the voltage of the strips.

Sliding Puzzle

Slide wooden pieces to create a path for the turtle to crawl along. This is just one of the many kinds of wooden puzzles found all over the globe.

Texas Hold‘em

This variation on poker was first played in Texas around the turn of the twentieth century. In Texas Hold'em, you must make hands with the two cards you’re holding and the five cards on the table.


The number of people worldwide who play chess is estimated at over 800 million, which makes this strategy board game one of the most widely played games on earth.



Toy Boxing

Duke it out with an opponent or CPU in this classic toy-sports game. Did you notice that the boxing ring is square? Originally the “ring” was formed by people standing in a circle and holding hands.




There are four players—but only one can be President. This game is a very popular party game in Japan, and it goes by many different names. You may have played it before without knowing it!



The game of dominoes was invented in Italy, and the name “domino” refers to a style of masquerade mask. There’s another version of dominoes in China call pai gow.

Play on one system


You can play dozens of games together with another person on a single Nintendo Switch system with one Joy-Con™ controller per player** or sharing the touch screen.



Play using multiple systems

You can connect with friends or family locally using your own systems to play most of the games. With just one person owning the Clubhouse Games™: 51 Worldwide Classics game, up to four people can play.



Play with others worldwide

Connect to the internet to play more than 40 games with friends online. You can also choose to get matched up with rivals from around the world. It’s your chance to show off your skills!



Mosaic Mode

In this mode, up to four players can connect locally using their own systems to allow the action to spread across screens in certain games. Place up to four systems side-by-side to build dozens of Slot Cars racetracks or turn a pond into a river for more fishing fun.





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