Naught - Extended Edition /PS4

  • All forty levels from the base game, as well as thirty brand new levels
  • a download code for additional content including new 30 levels in the search of edahi, dohai & sudagi
  • a digital artbook
  • unique control where the player will change the environment by rotating the world to guide the character
  • varied gameplay with numerous challenges, valuable items, hidden areas, underground mazes, and time Trials
  • distinct, Noir art style
  • a strong and captivating story based on real emotions and narrated in the form of metaphor

Product Description

Naught is a stylish and haunting platformer with moments of real sadness and a story that plucks at your heart Strings.

featuring a unique control system where players rotate the environment to guide naught through an underworld full of challenges, hidden places and secrets.

The game has a distinct, Noir aesthetic, setting the tone for an underground world full of Light and Shadow. Its main character, naught is a soul that has been awakened to face these shadows, while also striving to protect what he loves most in this world.



A platformer with unique controls that will immerse you in deep labyrinths in search of the light.


Play through 30 Brand New Levels in the Naught Extended Edition


Take on a Time Trial Challenge on Each Level