The L-85 Turntable with USB Recording

The Lenco L-85 is a colourful and contemporary way to bring your vinyl collection back to life. It’s packed full of user-friendly design features and functionality, so whether you’re new to vinyl, or wanting to keep your LP collection alive, this record player offers impressive performance.

The L-85 is a popular choice for newcomers entering the world of LP records, as well as long time vinyl collectors.

Available in six vibrant colour varieties, this feature-packed record player will bring your vinyl music back to life with its impressive performance.

The L-85 record player comes with an AC power adapter and protective dust cover.


The L-85 features direct MP3 encoding, so you can record your vinyl collection onto a USB drive and take your music with you digitally everywhere you go. The L-85 also automatically splits tracks for you when you record!


Our turntable has an integrated stereo pre-amplifier, meaning you don’t need any additional amplification equipment to get great sound. Simply connect the player to your home speakers and enjoy playing your records.