iPhone 12 256GB White

Beyond speed.

5G technology. A14 Bionic chip, the fastest in a smartphone. Edge-to-edge OLED display. Ceramic Shield, four times more resistant to falls. Night mode in each of the cameras. And two sizes: ideal and perfect. Yes, the iPhone 12 has it all.


Eye to the data.

iPhone 12

11 %
15 %
16 %

6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display 


iPhone 12 mini

5.4-inch Super Retina XDR display 

The world's thinnest, smallest and lightest 5G phone .

Ceramic Shield. Harder than any smartphone glass.

Four times more resistant to falls 

Aerospace aluminumon the edges.

H 2 Ok

Increased resistance to spills and splashes 

Five unique colors.

iPhone 12 in green

iPhone 12 in red

iPhone 12 blank

iPhone 12 in black

5G on the iPhone

5G speed


With the 5G connection, the iPhone does not run, it flies. You will notice it when downloading movies away from home, playing videos at the highest quality or using FaceTime HD while pulling data. All with much less latency. You can do that and whatever you want in many more places because the iPhone 12 has the highest coverage in the whole world. 

The iPhone knows how to make the most of 5G

eleventrillionof operationsbysecond.

The A14 Bionic chip is the fastest in a smartphone.


It surpasses all expectations with its ability to process billions of operations on the Neural Engine or to record in Dolby Vision, something that not even professional cameras can do. It also has a high energy efficiency that ensures a long battery life. It is a revolutionary chip, prepared for practically everything that the future holds.

Same chip as iPhone 12 Pro

Super display Retina XDR

OLED. What art.

An infinitely superior contrast. Amazing color precision. A giant leap in pixel density.  You have never seen anything like it. With OLED technology, whites are brighter, blacks are more vivid, and resolution is sky high throughout. It's the best iPhone screen out there, the result of pushing innovation to the limit.

The best iPhone screen to date

Dual camera system

Go to the dark side.


Lights off.



How to improve the highest video quality on a smartphone? Easy - 27% higher resolution in low light. That means you can shoot videos without fear of the sun going down. As if that weren't enough, Night mode also works with time-lapse. Leave the iPhone fixed in one place and let the lights do their magic.