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Ipad Air 10.9 tempered glass (compatible with iPad Pro 11")

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Ipad Air 10.9 2020 tempered glass

Material: 2.5D High Qulity Premium Tempered Glass
Weight(2Pcs): 170g
Color: Transparent/Clear
Type: Front Film
Feature: Ultra-thin, Full Cover
Function: To Prevent Scratch on Tablet PC LCD Screen
Item: 2.5D Full Cover Clear Tempered Glass Screen Protector Film

Package included:
1x Tempered Glass
1x Dry Cleaning Cloth
1x Wet Alcohol Swrap
1x Dust Remove Sticker

Installation :
Step 1 Please select a dust-free room to attached, it is best in bathroom. 
Step 2 Use wipes clean the screen's dust or foreign bodies. 
Step 3 Tear lower protective film, lightly attached alignment phone mirror, down, left, right border. 
Step 4 Removing the upper protective film. 
Step 5 Aligned attached position again, then a little harder to four border. Please do not press the center part of the phone Caution

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