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Limitless power

A high-performance experience

Discover the technology of the Z Series Red
6 times faster than walking

Bongo achieves the maximum allowable speed with the best performance. You can reach a speed of up to 25km/h and optimize the battery by selecting the cruise speed option.
Climb high

Conquer any challenge, even hills.

Discover power never seen before thanks to the high-performance engine. It doesn't matter what your destination is.
Sport rear-wheel drive
Thanks to its powerful motor, located at the back of the scooter, you get a rear-wheel drive that will give you the best feeling while riding.
Go Far

Change the battery and go on your way

A scooter with an unlimited range that will range from 45 km to 90 km. Thanks to a removable battery to charge or swap it whenever and wherever you want.
3 modes to suit all types of riding

Battery saver, perfect for long rides.


Ideal for the best urban performance with optimal consumption.


Power and top speed up to 25 km/h. Perfect for short tours.

On-board computer
Designed with an on-board computer on the front that shows the speed, the kilometers traveled, both in total and on the trip, and the battery level. Also, mark the status of the scooter and you will be able to configure it.
XL Tires
This scooter has 12" Tubeless anti-blowout tires, which provide the scooter with greater stability, without an inner tube that provide more safety and grip due to lower air pressure, and greater comfort, by filtering more vibrations.
Dual braking system
With double braking system for extreme safety that combines a front and rear disc brake. Designed to ensure maximum safety, you will be able to brake without fear on any surface.