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Conga 3890 Ultra: 4-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner with mop and laser technology

As a smart household robot, the robot vacuum and mop from Cecotec takes care of the daily cleaning of hard floors and carpets. With its extra strong suction power (2,300 Pa), 10 different cleaning modes and intelligent mopping (iWater) with adjustable water application, the robot vacuum and mop meets the highest demands for thoroughness. As soon as the robot moves through your home, it maps the area and saves the virtual map in the app. Dust, hair and dirt are reliably picked up with the side brush and the universal brush. If desired, this can be exchanged for the Cepillo Jalisco brush. The robot vacuum mop takes care of the cleaning for you; the vacuuming, brushing and mopping steps can be combined or performed individually.


Conga 3890 Titanium

What characterises the robot vacuum mop?

The smart robot vacuum from Cecotec is a 4-in-1 vacuum robot. It can perform the following tasks: Vacuuming, brushing, dry and damp mopping. In addition, the operations can be combined. When mopping the floor, the so-called "scrubbing" is used. The robot vacuum cleaner with mop imitates the human back-and-forth movement when mopping.

How does the Conga 3890 Ultra work?

The field of application includes hard floors and carpets. The robot vacuum and mop can only vacuum or perform the steps of vacuuming, brushing and mopping simultaneously. The app can be used to set the operating mode, the cleaning area, the sequence, but also the suction level and the water application (mopping).
The Cecotec Conga 3890 Ultra has an interactive MultiMap, so that up to 5 maps can be managed in the app, which include cleaning per area or specific points or no-go areas.
Schall Mop Technologie

Conga scrubs the floor

The Conga 3890 Ultra vacuum mop robot is equipped with a "scrubbing" back-and-forth motion that mimics the back-and-forth motion of a human when mopping the floor.


Robot vacuum mop for pet owners

The Conga 3890 Ultra is a vacuum mop robot that is suitable for households with pets thanks to its high suction power and replaceable silicone brush.



Smart control

The model 3890 Ultra offers smart control via app but also conveniently by voice command via Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Give the cleaning command for your Cecotec Conga robot vacuum by voice!



Smart, clean and reliable - a 4 in 1 robot vacuum cleaner with mop and high suction power!

Seamless cleaning

The Cecotec 3890 Ultra is featured with the Total Surface 2.0. With this feature, Conga guarantees a complete and gapless cleaning of the entire cleaning surface, even if a loading process is necessary in between. This is because Conga knows at which point it has interrupted its cleaning process and continues its work there.


How can I use the different cleaning levels on the Conga 3890 Ultra?

There are three different suction levels. Depending on the suction strength - Eco, Normal, Turbo - the robot vacuum cleaner with mop can do its work for longer or shorter before it automatically drives to the charging station.


The same applies to the water quantity. Depending on the floor type and soiling, it makes sense to adjust the water supply accordingly. You can choose between low, medium or high.


What are the advantages of the Cecotec robot vacuum and mop?

  • 4 in 1 robot vacuum that vacuums, brushes and mops the floor dry or wet
  • iWater - intelligent mopping with 3 water volume levels
  • ForceClean 2,300 Pa
  • Intelligent navigation via iTech Laser 360
  • 10 cleaning programmes and 3 suction levels

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