Audio streaming has given music fans unprecedented access to both new and familiar music. There are millions of songs presented via thousands of internet radio stations, as well as subscription-based services such as Spotify and Deezer. And now, all of this content is available in any room at the touch of a button thanks to the SoundTouch Portable Series II Wi-Fi music system from Bose. The system connects quickly and easily to any home Wi-Fi network, and delivers the rich, full-range sound that Bose is famous for.

Performance that moves you
The SoundTouch Portable Series II system features patented dual opposing passive radiators and four low-profile drivers that produce a pure, rich sound that wouldn’t normally be associated with a system of this size. And at the heart of the system is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, so it’s not only light enough to quickly and easily move from room to room, but also has enough power to keep the music going for hours at a time.

A new breed of sound system
SoundTouch systems are designed to be used online. With more streaming music available now than ever before, they offer the perfect way to experience this world of sound in any room. There’s no longer any need to sit by a computer or put up with inferior sound quality.

Streaming is now one of the most common methods of accessing new music. SoundTouch systems act as a direct line to the very best that internet radio has to offer, as well as to subscription-based services like Spotify and Deezer. A vast amount of content can be accessed at the touch of a button, without the need for a complex setup process or intermediary devices.

Favourites at the touch of a button
Everyone has different tastes in music. So whether it’s loud and proud or gentle and relaxing, SoundTouch Wi-Fi music systems have six presets that can be used to store and quickly access different music for different moods or different members of the household. Whether set directly on the system or via the free SoundTouch app, the presets mean that streaming music is as easy as turning on a light – only much more fun!

Free SoundTouch app
The SoundTouch app provides a whole new level of control over music at home. It’s an invaluable tool for either exploring new music or managing existing libraries. Music from any source – be it a favourite online station or a personal playlist – can be dragged and dropped onto the six SoundTouch system presets. And when it’s time to search for new music, the app can be used on a computer, smartphone or tablet to browse online content. If there’s more than one SoundTouch system in the home, then the app can be used to control them all, playing the same music everywhere or different music in each room.

Multi-room experience
The SoundTouch experience can fill the home with music, with systems designed for every room. From small, portable speakers to a home cinema system that’s the focus of the room, SoundTouch systems simply work together to create an audio experience like no other. No matter what the starting point, extra systems can be added whenever they’re needed. And the sound can even extend outdoors, as components can be added to share the same music everywhere or create individual soundscapes in different spaces.

More great features
The SoundTouch Portable Series II system not only offers the great features detailed above, but also:

OLED display to clearly show source and song/station details
Infrared remote control for selecting presets and volume, as well as playing, pausing and skipping tracks
Aux input enabling audio connections from a wide range of external sources
Ethernet port for wired connection to a home network if Wi-Fi isn’t available