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Slim fit and easy to install

Slim Fit Wall-Mount
Made for Samsung TVs, the Slim Fit Wall Mount brings your TV
flush against the wall for a minimalist look that blends seamlessly
into any interior.

The TV hangs like a work of art on a wall in a stylish living space with a tapestry onscreen. It is next to a vase, which is on top of a marbled surface near a large floor-to-ceiling window.

A flush fit to the wall

With our specially designed Slim Fit Wall Mount, your TV stays extra tight against the wall, leaving only an ultra slim gap between the TV and wall so your interior and viewing experience are both distraction-free.

How close is close?

Conventional wall mounts leave a TV-to-wall gap of 25 mm or more. What about Samsung TVs?- 7.5 mm with Samsung QLED Q900 and Crystal UHD AU8000- 3 mm with Samsung The Frame

A woman and a man in a stylish white room look at a TV with a landscape background onscreen. The TV is on a white wall above a small narrow console that has a few ornaments on it.

Complements any space elegantly

Four small paintings are arranged around a Frame TV hung on a wall with ballerinas dancing in a studio onscreen. Next to this, a TV with a landscape background on its display hangs on the wooden wall of a modern kitchen. Various foods and dishes are on the kitchen counter next to a sink.

How to center your TV

Once your TV is wall-mounted with The Slim Fit Wall-Mount, its swivel bracket will allow you to rotate the angle of your TV up to an additional 10-15 degrees.

A TV with black lines onscreen is hung slightly off-center. Arrows on each corner demonstrate how it can be centered.