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Greatness never ends, it evolves.


QN95A displays intricately blended color graphics which demonstrate long-lasting colors of Quantum Dot technology.

Feel every last detail

Quantum Matrix Technology

A new dimension of brightness and contrast.Neo QLED televisions feature the new Mini LEDs, which control light more precisely * than ever before in dark or bright areas, reproducing 100% Color Volume *.

Through the Quantum Mini LED and microlayer, the image of a surfer on the screen is displayed in detail in bright and dark areas, showing very clearly.

* Certified by VDE (Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker) for its ability to produce 100% color volume. * Compared to QLED televisions of previous ranges.





A powerful 4K processor with AI

Neo QLED 4K Processor with Artificial Intelligence

The powerful processor in the new Neo QLED TVs offers a more accurate and optimized picture quality experience. Thanks to advanced Artificial Intelligence that improves sound and analyzes image by image, you can enjoy 4K quality regardless of the original resolution.



The Neo QLED TV processor chip is shown.  The Samsung logo as well as the AI ​​Neo Quantum Processor 4K logo can be seen on top.


* The viewing experience may vary depending on the type of content and format. The upgrade may not apply to PC and Game Mode connections.

Sharper details. More realistic images

Quantum HDR 2000

Every last detail is brought to life by HDR10 +, which enables deeper contrast and more vivid colors. Beyond standards, HDR10 + dynamic tone mapping creates deeper blacks, more vibrant images, and previously unnoticed details.

A car is running with lights on through the dense green forest on the TV screen.  QLED TV shows accurate representation of bright and dark colors by catching small details.


* Quantum HDR luminance range is based on internal testing standards and is subject to change depending on display conditions or specifications.


More than a billion colors

100% color volume with inorganic Quantum dot technology

Thanks to Samsung's exclusive Quantum dot technology, Neo QLED TVs reproduce 100% color volume *, displaying bright and dark scenes at any brightness level. "

More than a billion colors

* 100% color volume measured according to DCI-P3 standard, certified by VDE.


Forget about any distraction

Anti-glare screen

Don't let the glare of the sun interrupt your favorite series or the reflections of the lamp prevent you from enjoying that scene from the movie that you love. Thanks to the anti-reflective screen you can avoid any distraction no matter where you are sitting.


A TV screen compares QLED TV with conventional TV.  Conventional TV screens show the interior of the house on the screen due to light reflection, and QLED TVs show the screen clearly without light reflection.

Purity of colors from any angle

Ultra Viewing Angle

See all the details and colors from any angle. Ultra Viewing Angle gives you a perfectly detailed image, even if your seat is too tilted. Thus, anywhere is the best place in the house to enjoy your television.



* Not available on QN90A 50 ".

Feel in the action

OTS + (Object Tracking Sound +)

Immerse yourself completely in a new sound experience. Thanks to 3D surround sound and Artificial Intelligence, sound is reproduced only in the exact place where the action occurs. Don't miss a single detail with 4.2.2Ch sound.


From a bird's eye view, a boat marked with a sound on the TV screen is circling and going out to the upper left.

TV and sound bar in perfect harmony


Combine the audio from your television with that of your sound bar creating an immersive atmosphere around you. Enjoy multi-dimensional sound without the need to connect additional speakers to your TV *.

Simulated sound wave graphics from TV and soundbar demonstrate Q Symphony technology as they play sound together.

* Q-Symphony is only available with a compatible soundbar. Check for Q-Symphony compatibility in the soundbar's product specifications. Soundbar sold separately.

Optimized sound experience

SpaceFit Sound

Enjoy optimized sound adapted to your space. Thanks to sensors that detect the environment, the new Neo QLED televisions adjust the parameters for a better sound experience.

A QLED TV analyzes the entire space of the room and sends the optimized sound for the space.

Don't miss a word

Active Voice Amplifier (AVA) 

Identify potentially annoying noises around you in real time and automatically raise the volume of dialogue, adding clarity to voices. Even if you can't watch your TV in peace and quiet, at least you won't miss anything important.

A woman is cooking while watching TV.  Despite the noise coming from the mixer, the Active Voice Amplifier technology makes it easy to hear TV conversations.

Design without limits

Ultra Slim Design

The sophisticated ultra-thin design of the new televisions will allow you to enjoy picture quality without sacrificing a touch of elegance in your living room.


Profile view of QLED TV shows ultra slim design of QLED TV NeoSlim.

Add beauty without clutter

Slim One Connect

Get a cleaner and more orderly environment thanks to the new Slim One Connect.

Slim One Connect

Precisely fitted to the wall

Slim wall mount

Get the minimalist interior design you've always wanted. With the easy-to-install Slim Wall Mount, your TV snaps to the wall so it blends naturally into your space.

The TV is hanging on the living room wall, and there is no gap between the TV and the wall.

* Measured from the rear of the TV, space may vary depending on installation and wall type. * Actual product may differ from image shown. * Slim wall mount sold separately.


Take control of your games

Motion Xcelerator Turbo +

Enjoy ultra-smooth gameplay without blurring thanks to the new processor's Frame Enhancement Process (FRC) that optimizes moving scenes up to 120Hz in 4K. Conquer all your enemies with dizzying fluidity in your games.

A racing car on the TV screen looks clearer and more visible on the QLED TV than on conventional TV due to motion xcelerator turbo + technology up to 4K 120Hz.

A new era for the gaming world

Panoramic Game Mode

Change the screen ratio to 21: 9 and 32: 9 to have a more complete view of the game and enjoy a better experience. Get the most out of the new game bar and quickly access settings. Are you ready to win the game?

QLED TV 32: 9 and 16: 9 aspect ratio options of super ultrawide gameview which are being accessed during video game gameplay through QLED TV Game Bar which allows more in-game controls of various settings.

* Super Ultrawide GameView only supports PC games. * Super Ultrawide GameView is only available for Ultra Wide compatible games. * Some game titles may not support the feature or may be limited to using this feature. A screen resolution change may be required from an external device. * Not available on Q60A 32 "

Low latency HDR for a greater gaming experience

FreeSync Premium

With certified AMD FreeSync Premium Pro technology, you'll experience less screen flickering and tearing, plus a smoother, high-performance gameplay experience, exceptional high-dynamic-range graphics, and low latency for a gaming experience that will lead you to victory.


The benefit of AMD FreeSync Premium Pro is explained with the tearing picture on the screen when the feature is off.


Everything on the same screen

Multi View


Divide the TV into multiple screens to enjoy various content at the same time, choosing the size and volume of each one. You can see the screen of your smartphone on the TV while you are playing something on it *.

A group of people use QLED TV Multi view feature to enjoy a football match and view play-by-play information at the same time on the same screen.

* Supports Android and iOS operating system.

Connect with one touch

Tap View 

When you touch the TV with your smartphone, the TV detects the content of your smartphone and automatically plays it on the TV screen. That's how fast and easy it is to change the content to a big screen, for example, your social networks.

A user taps their smartphone against their QLED TV to mirror their ballerina contents to a bigger screen for more comfort.

* Tap View is available on Samsung Galaxy devices with Android 8.1 and higher operating system. * Not available on Q60A 32 ".


A world of content at your fingertips

Samsung TV Plus 

Enjoy free streaming TV content with our virtual channels, Samsung TV Plus. Choose from a wide variety of channels that offer content for all current trending interests. No need to ask a friend what content is hot these days. Just tune in to Samsung TV Plus and find out *.



* Content services may vary by region and are subject to change without notifications.

Enjoy your time watching, not searching

Universal Guide 

Forget wasting time looking for what to see. Discover and directly access a wide selection of content

Universal Guide user interface image shows various images of popular content.

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