2020 55" Q700T QLED 8K HDR Smart TV


The essential QLED 8K TV


Experience the glory of 8K resolution with spectacular detail and sound every time you watch.


Experience in true 8K resolution

A new dimension of reality unfolds with 8K resolution

True 8K Resolution


Enter a new world of picture quality that brings reality to your living room. Feel the power of every frame with 33 million pixels – 4 times the resolution of 4K. Get closer with enhanced colours, texture and skin tones that makes every seat the best in the house.



A new dimension of reality unfolds with 8K resolution

The intelligence behind the glorious picture and next-level sound

Quantum Processor 8K


Discover just how smart a TV can be, with an 8K AI TV that continually optimises the picture and sound performance.



The intelligence behind the glorious picture and next-level sound
Everything you watch in glorious 8K

Everything you watch in glorious 8K

8K AI Upscaling 



Enjoy all your favourite content in glorious 8K resolution, even if it’s not filmed that way. Using Deep Learning algorithms, QLED 8K is able to adjust the picture in real-time, pixel by pixel. It recreates the image texture, edge definition and level of detail at a much higher resolution.

*‘8K AI Upscaling’ may not apply to PC connection and Game Mode

Pristine picture, day and night

Pristine picture, day and night

Adaptive Picture 



Relax as your QLED TV adapts to your environment and automatically adjusts its brightness settings to give you the very best picture, day or night.

A true-to-life picture with bright colour and deep contrast

Quantum HDR 1000 powered by HDR10+


No more struggling to make out what’s happening on screen. Discover the true beauty of every scene – just as the creators intended. It’s all thanks to HDR brightness that brings deep blacks, bright lights and broad contrast.



A new level of HDR awaits with deeper detail and contrast


* The range of Quantum HDR claims luminance based on internal testing standards and is subject to change according to viewing environment or specific conditions.

3D sound that moves around the screen with the action

Object Tracking Sound+ (OTS+)


Take your audio experience to a new level with 3D surround sound that moves with the action on-screen. Object Tracking Sound+ places you right in the heart of the action for a totally immersive experience, thanks to eight built-in speakers on the four sides of the TV.



3D sound that moves around the screen with the action

Pure picture - no matter where you sit, no matter what time of day.

Anti-Reflection Screen


Never miss a moment with our critically acclaimed Anti-Reflection Screen. Don’t let the brightness of the sun interrupt the midday match, or lamp reflections ruin your evening movie. With no distractions from reflecting light from any seat in the house, lose yourself in the latest blockbuster.


Make every moment unmissable with bold contrast

Direct Full Array


Bright whites, intense blacks and all colours in fine detail.


Watch details in bold contrast


* Direct Full Array Numerical Index based on backlighting, antireflection and contrast enhancement technologies.

AI sound perfectly matches whatever you’re watching, wherever you’re watching it


Adaptive Sound + and Active Voice Amplifier (AVA)


Thanks to AI sound, you can listen to everything on your QLED TV like never before. It adjusts the audio depending on what you’re watching. So you’ll feel as if you’re in the stadium, or hear the action from that movie closing in from all directions. And you’ll never miss what your favourite characters are saying – even over the hum of the vacuum – as the TV also adapts to the background noise in your room.



AI sound perfectly matches whatever you’re watching, wherever you’re watching it

See the picture, not the TV

Boundless Design


See the picture – not the TV – with a near bezel-less design that leaves you with only the beautiful picture to enjoy. Designed and crafted to look perfect from any angle, experience minimalistic style with a stunning clean back and no messy cables.




See the picture, not the TV

Genuine cinematic colour made from over a billion shades

100% Colour Volume*


Genuine cinematic colour made from over a billion colours and shades. Samsung's QLED is certified to deliver 100% colour volume. QLED technology, unlike others, is able to transform light into breath-taking colour without degradation over time.


*100% colour volume measured to DCI-P3 standard, certified by VDE.

Genuine cinematic colour made from over a billion shades

TV and soundbar orchestrated in perfect harmony



Enlighten your senses with the ultimate audio visual experience. Perfect synergy achieved by synchronising your TV and soundbar* speakers to deliver immersive surround sound. Samsung Q-Symphony conducts sound like never heard before.

*Q-Series soundbar.



The harmonious collaboration of Samsung QLED TV and Q-Series soundbar.




Smarter ways to enjoy TV

Smart Hub & One Remote Control


From Live TV to BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Apple TV, Disney+* and much more, Smart Hub brings your favourite content together in one place, whilst the sleek universal One Remote Control gives you effortless access and control intuitive control of everything. You no longer need multiple remotes lined up on your coffee table.





Access various content with one remote (US)

*Subscription required. © 2020 Disney and its related entitles.

Choose your favourite voice assistant

Multiple Voice Assistants | Bixby, Google* and Alexa on TV


For the first time, Bixby, Alexa and Google Assistant* are all built into your Samsung Smart TV. Discover an optimal entertainment experience and advanced voice control in your connected smart home. Changing the volume, source, channel and more is as easy as asking.


*Google Assistant service not yet available, coming in Q3 2020. Amazon, Alexa, and all related logos are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Google and related marks and logos are trademarks of Google LLC.

Choose your favourite voice assistant

Mirror your mobile in a tap

Tap View


Simply tap your phone anywhere on your TV to mirror your mobile to the big screen. Whatever you’re watching on your phone, it’s never been easier to cast it to the big screen. All it takes is a tap.*


* Compatible devices only.* This service only works when TV and mobile are on.

Just tap to mirror

TV and mobile content, split on the big screen

Multi View


Discover new ways to multi-task. Watch your favourite TV show whilst commenting on Social Media, all at once on the big screen. You’ll never have to choose again. Split your screen and never miss another moment.*


*Compatible smartphone required.

TV and mobile content, split on the big screen

Personalise your TV to reflect your style

Ambient Mode+


Turn your TV screen into a decorative feature, displaying useful information, your own photos or blend the TV into its surroundings. Just take a picture, upload it to your TV and blend it into your décor.* It automatically adjusts to the light in your room, so that you can easily make the big blank screen a thing of the past.


*Some features of Ambient Mode require a compatible Android or iOS phone and sufficient space around the TV to operate; it will have varying results on complex wall designs, patterns, and/or unusual colours

Personalise your TV to reflect your style

Make your TV the heart of your connected home

Connected Living


With SmartThings built into Samsung TV’s you can control your smart home through your TV. SmartThings works with 1000’s of smart devices to make your life easier, more secure, and more entertaining. From controlling your lighting, scheduling your laundry or monitoring your home, this is smart living made simple.



Make your TV the heart of your connected home

Spend less time searching, more time watching

Content Discovery (Universal Guide)


Finally, all your favourite content from BBC and Netflix* in one place – your Samsung Smart TV. Our Universal Guide recommends popular shows and content tailored just for you, meaning you can watch more of what you love.



Spend less time searching, more time watching

*Netflix subscription required.

Your new home office

Remote Access


Get office work done on your TV at home. Remote Access lets you mirror your computer’s display on the TV screen wirelessly. You can even tap into your office PC to access files or work on documents using Microsoft Office 365—all from the comfort of your couch.



Your new home office

* TV and computer must be connected to a network.* Screen sharing(mirroring) is only supported for Windows 10.* Remote connection to a PC running on Windows is only supported for Windows 7 or later. And the operation system must be a Professional or higher edition.* Remote connection to a PC running on Mac is only supported for Mac OS X 10.5 or later. * PC accessories such as mouse and keyboard are sold separately.* This service requires setting to allow remote connections within a PC.







  • Display
    • Screen Size                                                                                                55"
    • Resolution                                                                                             7,680 x 4,320
    • Anti Reflection Screen                                                                               Yes
    • Screen Curvature                                                                                     N/A


  • Video
    • Picture Engine                                                                                 Quantum Processor 8K
    • HDR (High Dynamic Range)                                                             Quantum HDR 1000
    • HDR 10+                                                                                                   Yes
    • Contrast                                                                                                Direct Full Array 12x
    • HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma)                                                                         Yes
    • Color                                                                                                     100% Color Volume with Quantum Dot
    • Dual LED                                                                                                 N/A
    • Viewing Angle                                                                                        Wide Viewing Angle


  • Audio
    • Dolby 5.1 Decoder                                                                                    Yes
    • Object Tracking Sound                                                                            OTS+
    • Q-Symphony                                                                                             Yes
    • Dialog Enhancement                                                                                 Yes
    • Audio Pre-selection Descriptor                                                                  Yes


  • Smart Service
    • Operating System                                                                               Tizen™
    • Bixby                                                                                                          US English, UK English, India English, Korean, French, German, Italian, Spanish (features vary by language)
    • Far-Field Voice Interaction                                                                           Yes
    • Multi Voice Assistant                                                                                 Yes (GB, GG, IM, JE, IE, FR, DE, IT, ES, AT)
    • Google Assistant Built-in                                                                         N/A
    • Works with Google Assistant                                                                     Yes (GB, FR, DE, IT, ES, AT, DK, IE, NL, NO, SE only)
    • Works With Alexa                                                                                     Yes (GB, FR, DE, IT, ES, AT, IE only)
    • SmartThings App Support                                                                         Yes
    • SmartThings                                                                                              Yes
    • Universal Browse & Play                                                              Yes(GB/FR/DE/IT/ES only)
    • Gallery                                                                                                       Yes


  • Convergence
    • NFC on TV                                                                                               N/A
    • Mobile Tap Mirroring                                                                                Yes
    • Digital Butler                                                                                           N/A
    • Multi-View                                                                                                Yes
    • Sound Wall                                                                                               Yes
    • Personal Screen                                                                                       N/A
    • Remote Access                                                                                          Yes
    • Camera Support                                                                                      N/A
    • TV Sound to Mobile                                                                                   Yes
    • Sound Mirroring                                                                                        Yes


  • Connectivity
    • eARC                                                                                                         Yes
    • Bluetooth                                                                                                  Yes (BT4.2)


  • Design
    • Stand Color                                                                                          TITAN BLACK


  • Additional Feature
    • Adaptive Picture                                                                                        Yes
    • Active Voice Amplifier                                                                               Yes
    • Adaptive Sound                                                                                Adaptive Sound+
    • AI Streaming                                                                                            N/A
    • AI Upscale                                                                                                 Yes
    • Motion Detection (Frame)                                                                        N/A
    • Ambient Mode                                                                                  Ambient Mode+
    • Ambient Mode Brightness/Color Sensor                                      Brightness/Color Detection
    • Portrait Mode                                                                                          N/A
    • Accessibility - Learn TV Remote / Learn Menu Screen                               UK English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian(only when connecting to Network in EE,LV,LT)
    • Accessibility - Others                                                                        Enlgarge / High Contrast / Multi-output Audio / SeeColors / Negative Colors / Grayscale / Sign Language Zoom / Slow Button Repeat / Auto Detection for Sign Language Zoom Area / Show Closed Caption with Zooming Sign Language
    • Freesync                                                                                                   N/A
    • G-SYNC                                                                                                   N/A
    • Filmmaker Mode (FMM)                                                                            Yes


  • Eco Feature
    • Energy Efficiency                                                                                  ClassB


  • Power
    • Power Supply                                                                                           AC220-240V 50/60Hz
    • Power Consumption (Max)                                                                       240 W
    • Power Consumption (Stand-by)                                                               0.50 W
    • Power Consumption (Energy Saving Mode)                                              82.7 W
    • Power Consumption (Typical)                                                                   156 W
    • Peak Luminance Ratio                                                                                71 %
    • Yearly Power Consumption (EU standard)                                                216 kWh


  • Dimension
    • Package Size (WxHxD)                                                                         1417.0 x 846.0 x 210.0 mm
    • Set Size with Stand (WxHxD)                                                                     1228.6 x 782.5 x 256.9 mm
    • Set Size without Stand (WxHxD)                                                           1228.6 x 707.6 x 34.6 mm
    • Stand (Basic) (WxD)                                                                                390.0 x 256.9 mm
    • Stand (Minimum) (WxD)                                                                        390.0 x 256.9 mm


  • Weight
    • Package Weight                                                                                      29.0 kg
    • Set Weight with Stand                                                                             21.9 kg
    • Set Weight without Stand                                                                        18.6 kg


  • Accessory
    • No Gap Wall-mount                                                                                N/A
    • Optional Stand Support (Y20 Studio)                                                         Yes
    • 15m/10m One Invisible Connection Support                                           N/A
    • Customizable Bezel Support                                                                    N/A
    • HDMI Cable                                                                                             N/A