The HW-N450 is a superb entry-level soundbar that’s a perfect complement for Samsung TV owners, delivering solid audio performance and a strong set of features in a small footprint.

This is 2.1-channel system, comprised of a slimline stereo soundbar and a wireless subwoofer. The soundbar is a mere 2.2- x 3.2- x 35.6 inches, with slightly angled sides. Its slim profile makes the HW-N450 a perfect fit for today’s low-profile, mid-sized TVs.

The main speaker can be wall mounted or put on a table top. Built-in rubber bumpers help prevent it from scratching delicate surfaces. A wall-mounting bracket is included, though you’ll need to provide the screws and anchors.


No matter which installation option you choose, be sure to use thin, flexible HDMI cables. This soundbar’s design assumes your cables will have a high bend radius.

The wireless, ported subwoofer sports a 6-inch driver. It has a footprint of  8.7- x 14.5- x 11 inches. The sub’s modest size and upright design will make it easy to place and blend with any decor.

The system’s total frequency response is rated at 42Hz to 20kHz. That’s about the same frequency response you’d expect from good bookshelf speakers, which means the HW-N450 won’t be able to reproduce the deepest organ notes or depth-charge explosions, but I found that it delivered excellent sonic coverage for most music, TV programs, and movie soundtracks.