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Ink Cartridges are Expensive!

Have you ever thought about the cost price of a bit of ink, like 10ml of ink, how can it cost more than £20 for 10ml of ink for a HP Deskjet multifunction printer ? In this article we will explain how printer manufacturers make their money. We will show you how to save paying for expensive ink Cartridges for the next two years.


So if we took out the ink from one HP Ink Cartridge and did the same thing for enough to make 1 litre of ink and calculate the cost we would be in the region of about £12,000 for 1 litre of ink. That is more expensive than a vintage bottle of champagne. If you wanted to buy blood it costs less than £12,000 per litre. Sure, printer companies spend a large amount on research and development they also spend a large amount on advertising, but they also know that once you have bought the printer you need to buy the cartridges.

Brilliant, you water cheap printer what happens next? After a few weeks you realise that you've run out of ink and you go back to the shop in Gibraltar and ask for a set of ink cartridges, priced between £20 and £30 each so 2 inks can cost £60. Remember over here were talking about the standard capacity ink cartridge If we talk about the XL capacity ink these usually have 3 times the ink but only cost twice as much and a set of XL ink Cartridges can set you back up to £120. Sure a LaserJet printer will have a lower running cost than ink but these printers are not suitable for home, the volumes are not large enough at home and they are usually bulky.

There are many times that a set of cartridges can cost more than the printer so how can this be? The manufacturer knows that when you buy their printer you need to buy their ink with their chip for it to work. So, what they do is the sell a printer at a loss when you buy a printer under £100. The printer manufacturer is losing money. For the printer manufacturer to make money they know the need to sell approximately 3 sets of ink they also know the over the life of the printer you are likely to buy more than 10 sets of cartridges.

So, the printer manufacturer sell the print cheap makes a loss and then makes loads of money on the ink (you are going to buy at least 10 ink over the life of the printer).

What about if there was a different way what about if you paid the full cost of the printer up front and then paid an incredibly low cost for the ink Cartridges?  Well the printer manufacturers have realised that home users are fed up with these high print cartridge costs and they have finally done something about it…



 Finally, we have a printer where the printer manufacturer makes money selling the printer. So, in return the printer manufacturer includes 2 years’ worth of ink cartridges in the Box with the printer.

Sure, you spend a bit more money upfront but over the life of that printer the savings that you make can be enormous. Be run into hundreds of pounds.

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Let us know your thoughts on whether you spend too much on ink Cartridges in the comment below...


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